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2018’s Top Posts from Emily’s Everything

This year I wrote posts on a variety of topics, such as life, philosophy, travel, and health.  Some were much more popular than others and here are the top five by views!

1. My Post-vacation Blues

Coming back from vacation is always difficult. Vacations are followed by periods of longing and dissatisfaction.  How do we reintegrate into real life and make it make sense?

2. My Favorite Tool to Break Free from Hopelessness & Depression

I used to suffer from deep depression.  Then I realized that the brain gets better at whatever you make it practice.   I created a new habit to break the old habit of hopelessness.  You, too, can open up to enjoy life again.

3. Travel Blog: Food in Japan is too Perfect?

Japan is an obsession for many people in awe of attention to detail in tech, food, products, culture, and politeness.  In a travel blog focusing on food, I explain why the charm of perfection wears thin.

4. Philosophy for Real Life: Theories of Truth

You use the word truth, but don’t know what it means.  How do you know if what you say, think, and believe are true?  Why stick to your guns when you’re beliefs are challenged?  Thinking about truth opens up our perspective to life and change.

5. How to Live Without Shame and Avoid Rationalizing

In a blog about justification, I talk about the mentally unhealthy pattern of rationalizing, done mostly out of fear of shame.  You can’t change yourself if you are covering things up.  Here’s a method for accepting yourself, facing the results of your actions without feeling shame.


Call for Suggestions:

What do you want to think about in 2019?  I’m eager to hear what you want more of, so please like, comment, or send me an email!


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