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Know Thyself in 2019: A Journal Project

The most important thing you can do is learn who you are. 

There are so many motivational speakers available to us, so why are we still doing so little with our resources?  I mean, we don’t seem to be getting any happier. That is what we want, right?  Maybe it’s time to admit that motivation enough to find a happy and healthy life.

Why write goals and make plans if you don’t know who you are and what you want?  Where does that desire for a six-pack or six-figure income come from? Did society program that want or is it a deep part of who you are? Unless it’s what you really want, then it can’t guarantee happiness.

Motivation without self-knowledge is like trying to plan your optimal vacation without knowing where you want to go.  I used to daydream about travel by wishing for a five-star hotel, lying on an exotic beach, sight seeing, touring famous buildings, and meeting the locals.  But because I had no idea who I was, what I liked, what I was most curious about, and what kind of activities I enjoy, I could not decided where I wanted to go.  Anywhere was good enough, so I ended up going nowhere.  Maybe you’re planning vacations in this haphazard way, not actually going anywhere because although motivated, you don’t know where you really want to be.

Maybe you’ve even ended up in life circumstances that you had to be highly motivated to achieve, but are still a bit unsure about how you got there.  Who chose your career?  Who chose your spouse?  Why did you make the decisions you made?

We don’t need motivation. Most of us pay our bills, taxes, clothe and feed ourselves.  We’re surviving.  But we want to flourish and to make good, positive choices.  For that, we need to know ourselves.

By learning about yourself, you can make choices based on your core values and according to who you are.    You’ll control your happiness and satisfaction, more easily choosing everything from what you want to eat for lunch, your friends and relationships, when to change jobs, and where to go for vacation.

Let the others have their motivational speakers and six-pack abs. You’re figuring out the meaning of your life. That is infinitely more valuable.

2019 Journal Project

What do you need?  A journal and a mere five minutes.  Detail as much or as little as you want.  To make it easy for you, I’ll provide simple questions in a weekly post every Tuesday (you might consider the Follow button to have them emailed to you, or subscribe with your email address!). You can write the questions down in your journal at the start of the week.

I know you’re thinking that it’s going to be waaaay philosophical.  Actually, many of the questions will be quite practical for daily life.   This year is the year to discover your take on topics such as:

Bodily health, Sleep, Food, Ethical Eating, Money, Charity, Charm/Charisma/Influence, Vanity, Confidence, Happiness, Love, Family, Core values, Free will, Self-control & Discipline, Friendship, Knowledge, etc.

Are you ready?  I’m looking forward to the next 52 weeks with you!


Yours truly, perpetually lost in thought.



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