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The Heart of the City at Minus 8 Degrees

A Valentine’s Day poem written during my walk to work.  A bus stop advertisement mentions “the heart of the city” and inspires the title.


The Gastown steamclock in Vancouver, BC

The Heart of the City at Minus 8 Degrees

The smell of rotten vegetables touches my nostrils

The city is a fermenting refrigerator

A hint of freshly dug dirt

The sidewalk under repair

Diesel exhaust –

Frozen hearts of the workmen

Engines running to stay warm on Valentine’s Day


Hardened souls,

Yet the scent of colognes and perfumes

Betrays secret desires

How embarrassing to need love

Hold me, on Valentine’s Day


My eyes meet other eyes

For a moment, the reality of city life:

Wide open hearts, closed windows

Always I wonder

Who is chasing whom,



Critical Thinking:

Take two minutes to mentally review your day, recalling images  and seeing them behind your closed eyes.  Write a short poem of your own.  Three or four lines will do!  Use a metaphor, which is a literary device for comparison and symbolism, a word or description is applied to something that it is not.  Example: “your eyes are oceans.”

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