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Week 9 Questions for Know Thyself 2019: Social Media Leadership

(This blog is part of a weekly series for Know Thyself 2019, a 365 day journal project. Start here!)

This Week’s Journal Topic: Social Media Leadership

three people using smartphones

Roleplaying online is not just a game.  Who are you?

This week, the topic is social media leadership because:

  1. Knowing if you want to be a leader or a follower will help you dispel mixed feelings and choose your social media identity.
  2. Recognizing good leadership will help you choose to follow the right people.
  3. Defining good leadership will help you create your vision, if you want to be a leader.

Concepts of Social Media Leadership: Leaders and Followers

Social media leadership implies that a person has followers; a social media leader needs people who obediently like, share, and support. Although we all participate in this following activity, many of us have mixed feelings about it, too.

Bios boast of industry leaders with ridiculous numbers of followers, supposedly indicating worth, superiority, and success. Social media culture teaches us that it’s better to be followed, than to follow others. Perhaps the source of our mixed feelings is the pressure to be followed, but at the same time we don’t want the pressure and time commitment involved in leading.

And, while leadership can be an ego-trip that brings praise and acclaim, we’re warned that the higher the climb, the harder the fall. Is leadership worth the risk?

How many of the people with millions of followers are actually good leaders?

To paraphrase Prince Shotoku’s (Japanese) Confucian principle,

the duty of the follower is obedience, the duty of the leader is decorum.

What is obedience in followers? It’s compliance with requests and submission to another’s authority. The definition of obedience tells us is that in order to have good followers, you need to have people who submit to your authority.  Therefore, to be a good leader you need to have authority.

What gives a person authority? Presumably,  authority is a combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities, beliefs, values, and knowledge of principles which create a vision.  The duty of decorum in leaders is to behave according to propriety, custom, decency, etiquette, and appropriateness.

Journal Questions:

  1. Do you agree that it’s better to be followed than it is to follow?
  2. Does the social pressure to gain followers come from overt messages or from your social desire for acceptance?
  3. Deep down, do you find greater satisfaction from leading or following?
  4. Pick one leader you follow on social media. Does that person express the values and beliefs you think are important?
  5. Do you think that social media leaders have a responsibility to society not to promote racism or injustice?
  6. Pick someone who follows you on social media. Why do you think that person follows you?
  7. What does decorum in social media leadership look like? Who is an example of a social media leader who displays decorum, and who is an example of one who does not?

If you liked this week’s post, please like or comment!  I appreciate the feedback and use it to choose future topics.  If you want to see more posts like this one, let me know!


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