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Week 13 Questions for Know Thyself 2019: Vacations

(This blog is part of a weekly series for Know Thyself 2019, a 365 day journal project. Start here!)



This Week’s Journal Topic: Vacation

A vacation is a length of time spent away from home, usually involving travel. We not only leave our regular physical environments of work and home, we also abandon the normal patterns in life.

The broad goals of vacation are relaxation and celebration. Freedom from deadlines and responsibilities allows our bodies and minds to return to baseline stress levels. By abandoning patterns, we affirm our freedom to make fresh choices, to focus on relationships with loved ones and treat them, and to reignite passion for life by living out previously unimagined possibilities.

To remember these events, we take souvenirs (from the French verb to remember) and photos. Touching or viewing a certain object or photo has the ability to reconnect us with the part of us that gets lost after we return to the patterns and ritual thoughts of everyday life.

Aside from these common threads, there are many different vacationing “philosophies”.  Some people like to let loose and party, some people like to learn and see historical sites, some like foodie travel, some prefer to hang out on the beach, etc. What’s your vacation philosophy?

Journal Questions

  1. Time and money are scarce resources, aren’t they? Do you “budget” your vacation or simply throw restrictions out the window?
  2. Do you schedule your vacations according to when it’s convenient for your coworkers and family, or do you schedule according to your own wishes?
  3. Some people feel comfortable vacationing alone, while others don’t. Why do you think that is the case that some people are happy alone and others aren’t?
  4. How can a temporary change in location create a permanent change in how your perception of the world?
  5. Do you find it easy to spend money on vacations? Why or why not?
  6. Do human beings deserve vacation time or does a break from routine need to be earned?
  7. Plan your next vacation in detail. Reflect on the goals of vacation described above and take into account your answers to the other questions.  Make sure you keep in mind why vacationing is important to you!

How to Get the most out of Know Thyself 2019:

Don’t rush through the questions. Try to do only one question every morning, leaving space to add thoughts that might come up later during the day. The journal is designed to help you develop a consistent, daily practice of self-reflection.

If you liked this week’s post, please like or comment! I appreciate the feedback and use it to choose future topics. If you want to see more posts like this one, let me know!

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