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China Points of Interest 2020 (Infographic)

You can find China facts everywhere, but who doesn’t love a fun infographic?  This infographic covers some impressive numbers and facts about China that are relevant in 2020.

The points of interest in this infographic range from food preferences to politics/ethics.  You can use these points of interest if you’re visiting China or looking to start conversation. 

Note that I’ve included some contentious topics. I recommend when bringing up a contentious or political fact, phrase the information as a question. For example, ask “Is it true that…?”  This will help you 1) feel out the willingness to approach serious topics, and 2) provide opportunities for others to share what they know.  This keeps the conversation flowing!

The Importance of Conversation

When engaging in Chinese-style networking, it’s important to find conversational points of harmony. None of these facts takes much effort to memorize.  Yet any of the topics can help you engage someone at a deeper level. 

Paying attention to responses and behavior in conversation will help you appreciate your acquaintance and become a better judge of character. This translates into better decisions about trustworthiness, work ethic, and values, etc.  At bare minimum, you’ll know enough to order the right food at the business dinner.

Need more?

For more Chinese culture facts, check out Now You Know: What is the Lantern Festival? For political conversation, check out Interview with a Communist Party Member: What makes a great leader?

Some infographic resources:

What the World Eats, National Geographic Society

30 Charts and Maps That Explain China Today, Ana Swanson

The Chinese Approach to Artificial Intelligence: An Analysis of Policy and Regulation, Huw Roberts, Josh Cowls, Jessica Morley, Mariarosaria Taddeo, Vincent Wang, Luciano Floridi – SSRN Electronic Journal – 2019

The World Factbook: China

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