Emily Kluge

I am a masters student of Chinese Philosophy (中国留学) at Fudan University in Shanghai, China (复旦大学), secondarily studying Chinese policy from Fudan’s SIRPA.  I am particularly interested in Confucianism as a political theory and its modern application. I study Mandarin and literary Chinese, and I also speak and read Japanese at a intermediate level.  My East Asian travel experience includes Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China.  I am passionate about teaching writing skills and editing academic work. If you’re passionate about what you’re writing, send me an email and I’ll gladly offer feedback on grammar, flow, clarity, and conciseness!

Upcoming Conferences & Publications

2021 China Studies Association of Australia 17th Biennial Conference – Presenter
Theme: Changing China: Then and Now
“Rethinking the term “Authoritarian” in Confucian East Asia”

2022 American Philosophical Association (Central) ISCP Panel – Panelist
Panel: Skillfulness, Spontaneity, and Cultivation in Chinese Philosophy
“Music as Experiential Moral Knowledge in Early Confucianism”

2022  American Philosophical Association (Pacific) ACPA Session – Presenter
“A Confucian Human-Centered Approach to Animal Care”

Academic Credentials

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Arts, Philosophy (GPA 3.9)
Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada)

Bachelor of Commerce in International Business (Contemporary China)
University of Northern British Columbia (Prince George, Canada)

2021 Confucian Studies Online Summer Institute
Int’l Confucian Association and Beijing Foreign Studies University (Beijing, China)


Chinese Philosophy

A Confucianism Just War Theory of Jus Ad Bellum (2020)

A Confucian Account of Animal Care (2020)

Han Fei Zi’s Underestimation of the Will (2021)

Self-Centeredness, Ren (仁) and the Public Private Conflict (2020)

Confucian Classics as World Literature (2021)

Music as Experiential Moral Knowledge in Early Confucianism (2021)

Music Performance in Early Confucianism: Musicians & Non-sound Participants  (2021)

Reinterpreting the Three-Year Mourning Period as Existentialism (2021)

Beyond Anarchy: Rethinking the Daodejing as a Political Test for Over-governance (2021)

Wang Yangming’s Liangzhi in Applied Ethics: Sick Children & Sorrowful Parents (2021)

Contemporary China & East Asian Politics

China-US Semiconductor Manufacturing Rivalry (2021)

Confucian East Asia: Authoritarianism Legitimacy Democracy (2021)

The US, the BRI & Theories of Power Transition (2021)

What is China’s Socialist Consultative Democracy? (2020)

Sustainable Development? Evaluating the Goals of China’s BRI (2020)

Early Indian Buddhism in application

Buddhism, Race, and Black Lives Matter (2021)

Buddhism and Romantic Love as Competing Soteriologies (2021)


Arts & Life

When I’m not reading and writing, I’m singing and playing piano (RCM grade 10).  I also enjoy hot and power yoga, fitness, reading the TLS (so many books, so little time!) and travelling the world. I am a certified hatha yoga instructor.

500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training
Prana Yoga Teacher College (Vancouver, Canada)

20 hour Power (Rocket 1-3) Teacher Training
One Yoga for the People (Vancouver, Canada)