China is a dynamic country full of opportunity for people who understand how to navigate the culture and language. Taking advantage of opportunities in China requires an open-minded attitude towards the uncomfortable and unfamiliar.  Cooperative, cross-cultural relationships require self-knowledge and the willingness to uncover one’s own biases.

This blog presents information on China from a Western perspective and takes a comparative approach.  The exposition and evaluation of cultural differences and similarities provides readers opportunities to deeply consider their own actions and biases, thereby creating within themselves a organic readiness for strategic change.

My blog aspires to transform knowledge and analysis of China’s culture and philosophy into practical suggestions for businesspersons. With a sophisticated and targeted approach to studying China, you’ll save valuable time and more effectively cultivate prosperous business relationships.

Experience & Education

My advice comes from a combination of personal experience and academic study. I’m conversational in Mandarin and Japanese. I am a seasoned traveler throughout East Asia, having lived in Japan and traveled in South Korea and China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan).


Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Arts, Philosophy
Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada)

Bachelor of Commerce in International Business (focus on Contemporary China)
University of Northern British Columbia (Prince George, Canada)