Emily Kluge

I am a masters student of Chinese Philosophy (中国留学) at Fudan University in Shanghai, China (复旦大学), secondarily studying Chinese policy from SIRPA.  I am particularly interested in Confucianism as a political theory and its modern application. I study Mandarin and literary Chinese, and I speak Japanese at a intermediate level.  My East Asian travel experience includes Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.  My academically-related hobby is editing. Send me an email if you would like your work edited for flow, clarity, and conciseness!

Papers on Chinese Philosophy

A Confucianism Just War Theory of Jus Ad Bellum (2020)

A Confucian Account of Animal Care (2020)

Han Fei Zi’s Underestimation of the Will (2021)

Self-Centeredness, Ren (仁) and the Public Private Conflict (2020)

Jingxue 经学 and Confucian Classics: Essentials for Humanity and Modern Scholars (2021)

Music as Experiential Moral Knowledge in Early Confucianism (2021)

Music Performance in Confucianism: Musicians & Non-sound Participants  (2021)

Reinterpreting the Three-Year Mourning Period as Existentialism (2021)

Papers on Contemporary China & East Asian Politics

China-US Semiconductor Manufacturing Rivalry (2021)

Confucian East Asia: Authoritarianism Legitimacy Democracy (2021)

The US, the BRI & Theories of Power Transition (2021)


Buddhism, Race, and Black Lives Matter (2021)

Buddhism and Romantic Love as Competing Soteriologies (2021)

Academic Credentials

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Arts, Philosophy (GPA 3.9)
Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, Canada)

Bachelor of Commerce in International Business (Contemporary China)
University of Northern British Columbia (Prince George, Canada)

Arts & Life

When I’m not reading and writing, I play piano and sing.  I enjoy fitness and am a certified yoga instructor.

500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training
Prana Yoga Teacher College (Vancouver, Canada)

20 hour Rocket (Power) Teacher Training
One Yoga for the People (Vancouver, Canada)