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CPC or CCP? Party structure and the Who’s who.

If China was on Facebook, its relationship status with the CPC would be: “It’s complicated.” Although the National People’s Congress is the highest organ of state power, the highest political power in China rests in the Communist Party of China (CPC), which has over 89 million members. How is this important political organization structured and how is key leadership elected?

Interview with a Chinese Communist Party Member: What makes a Great Leader? Answer: 造福万代

My “interview” started with a four-hour tour at the Panda Base in Chengdu, Sichuan, to location of China’s largest panda breeding program.  My tour guide, Sherry*, picked me up at my hotel and surprised me with her nearly perfect American accent.  I could not help but ask where she had studied.  Sherry reveals that, in fact, she is self-taught and learned English by watching and re-watching Gossip Girl and The Big Bang Theory episodes.  I was incredibly lucky that tourists were rare this week in Chengdu – normally we would have been accompanied by at least four other tourists.  On this tour Sherry and I are alone, free to punctuate talk about the panda breeding program with tactful personal questions.  I am incredibly lucky to have been paired with my Chinese counterpart: mid-thirties, five years youthful, and university educated.  As we spoke for hours, the conversation progresses into a heart-to-heart on the car ride home, as we are accompanied only by a non-English speaking driver.  Sherry opened up about her private troubles: her mother’s nagging …