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What is “Face”?

“Face” is a crucial concept for business practice and strategy in China. Putting the concept of face into practice will result in increased trustworthiness in business relationships. The information is presented in light of the popular Western emphasis on “authenticity” in relationships.

Doing Business with Confucius & Lao Tzu

This post suggests compelling reasons for businesses to enter China, such as to capitalize on the growing population of consumers and to take advantage of technology and production. But China poses special risks for Western businesspersons.

The risks of entering China can be mitigated by investing time gaining an understanding of the Chinese worldview. Do you need to become a philosopher in order to do this?

In this post, Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimensions is discussed as an easy, practical route for understanding the Chinese worldview.

What is Guanxi?

Chinese and Western business practices are similar in the sense that “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” The extent of which this is true is even greater in China. But Chinese networking, known as Guanxi, is unique. This post explains guanxi and offers best practices for a beginner interested in developing guanxi.

Now You Know: What is the Chinese Lantern Festival?

Ever wondered why you see red lanterns around January each year?

I recently returned from a trip to China and will be writing about my trip. While in China, I learned about the importance of the Lantern Festival and what the red lanterns symbolize. In this post, I’ll also introduce some cultural insights to make you a sophisticated, open-minded world citizen, ready to make friends from afar!