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How to Heal the Mind and Create Lifelong Benefits in 15 minutes per Day

I woke up this morning thinking about efficiency. I asked myself, if I could only have three practices to increase well-being and life satisfaction, what would I choose?  The Pareto Principle states that 20% of what you do yields 80% of your results, so I wondered how to cut the 80% that’s not pulling weight.

The result: 15 minutes per day is enough to create lifelong mental benefits and heal the mind! For the three practices that you need to know, visit the post!

Fasting Benefits: Weight Loss, Mental Clarity, Anxiety, and Anti-aging

Keywords: fasting, natural remedy, health, anti-aging, mental health, anxiety, ketogenic diet, spiritual growth Yesterday I fasted and today is day two. I started on Monday night at around 9 pm and have only had tea and sparkling water. I was feeling a bit dizzy this morning so I had some salt and nutritional yeast. I broke my fast this evening with vegetable fish-broth soup and beef brisket (with no ill effects!) at Deer Garden Signatures in Vancouver on Fraser Street. Yum! Why fast? The idea of going without food for at least 24 hours, and still not yet knowing when I’ll eat again, might seem crazy to some people. Most of the times I’ve told people that I am fasting, I hear a version of one of the following: “That’s not good for you! Starving yourself is unhealthy.” “You’ll make yourself sick.” “You’ll become anorexic.” Well, now, none of those are true about fasting. First of all, consider that every major world religion and culture has some mention of fasting for health. Biblical religions prescribe …