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Week 45 Questions for Know Thyself 2019: Habit vs. Addiction

Do you know the difference between good habits, bad habits, and addictions?  It’s easy to tell the difference between good habits and addictions, but not so easy to distinguish between good habits and bad habits.  Nor is it easy to draw the line between bad habits and addictions.  Also, why is it that one person’s good habit is another person’s bad habit?  How is it that some people become addicted to anything (the so-called “addictive personality”), while other people could drop a sugar habit, or even a cocaine habit, almost one day to the next? 

We can’t sort out all these questions in one blog post, but we can learn enough to start to evaluate our own habits.  By doing so, we make a conscious effort to improve our unconscious behaviors!

Week 44 Questions for Know Thyself 2019: Seasons

It’s nearly November. The fall gusts carry brilliant fluttering leaves and the sun barely peeks over the horizon at five o’clock.  We mentally prepare ourselves for the fast-approaching winter by vocalizing our bewilderment at the cool temperatures – “Can you believe how cold it is?” and “Wasn’t it summer just last week?”  The feigned surprise makes it seem as if we expected summer to last into December.

Whether you’re looking forward to cooler temperatures or not, the change in seasons is an opportunity to think deeply about life.  Are all seasons of life equally enjoyable?

How to Heal the Mind and Create Lifelong Benefits in 15 minutes per Day

I woke up this morning thinking about efficiency. I asked myself, if I could only have three practices to increase well-being and life satisfaction, what would I choose?  The Pareto Principle states that 20% of what you do yields 80% of your results, so I wondered how to cut the 80% that’s not pulling weight.

The result: 15 minutes per day is enough to create lifelong mental benefits and heal the mind! For the three practices that you need to know, visit the post!

A Cheerfulness Practice to Radically Improve Your Mindset and Get Rid of Ennui

Don’t let a chronic case of the Mondays bring down your entire life.   Have you ever felt that each week is more of the same?  You make it through Monday to Thursday.  Finally, it’s Friday! But suddenly it’s Monday again.  How did that happen? The weeks run like torturous deja vu. Or perhaps it feels like every day is worse than the last.  The same breakfast, the same commute, the same crabby coworker.  And even the weekends are starting to seem as bland as plain, congealed oatmeal. It’s not that things are bad.  The response to “How are you?” is  “Oh, I really can’t complain.”  How do we cope with this perpetual, mild dissatisfaction?  Nothing’s really wrong.  Or is it? This listlessness has a name: ennui (pronounced: On-We).  It’s an emotional state of overcast, the kind that threatens of rain for days on end, but fails to provide the relief of a downpour.  It just goes on being overcast.  After the overcast becomes “normal”, you occasionally find yourself nagged by memories of last summer, …

3 Easy Stretches to Try at Work

The Benefits of Frequent Stretching Have you noticed that animals maintain muscle mass with minimal exercise?  For example, dogs spend the day eating and sleeping, with only a walk or two for exercise.  If there’s nothing to tear apart or steal, they’ll sleep.  Despite their laziness, dogs manage to maintain muscle mass and display peak performance during the weekend run at the dog park!  How do animals maintain their fitness with minimal movement? One theory is that stretching helps them to maintain muscle mass.  Resting dogs frequently stand up, stretch, and lie back down.  Some studies show that frequent stretching stimulates muscles and hormonal changes, thereby preventing atrophy and shortening of muscle fibers.  This week take a cue from your pet and add some stretches into your work day.  This may help you maintain your fitness, even if you have to skip your workout. Seated Pigeon Targets the outer thigh and glute Creates range of motion in the hip How to: Sit in your chair and cross the right ankle over the left knee. Sit …

Week 11 Questions for Know Thyself 2019: Jealousy & Envy

(This blog is part of a weekly series for Know Thyself 2019, a 365 day journal project. Start here!) This Week’s Journal Topic: Jealousy & Envy Last week the questions were about love. With love, naturally comes jealousy.  Therefore, this week the journal questions are about jealousy and the closely related emotion of envy. Jealousy Jealousy starts in the body as an emotional response to external stimulation. This emotion is rooted in a desire to have exclusive possession of someone/something.  In an external situation, you perceive a threat of rivalry and fear that someone/something will take something away from you.  Within you, it’s a fear of being replaced that might cause you to act in a protective and possessive way. For example, you see your significant other with an attractive person.  You believe that relationships only involve two people (i.e., you want exclusive possession). The other person appears as a rival appears capable of attracting your significant other’s affection.  You experience jealousy – a fear of losing something you value. The physical signs of this …

Week 5 Questions for “Know Thyself 2019”: NOW

(This blog is part of a weekly series for Know Thyself 2019, a 365 day journal project. Start here!) This week the topic is challenging because you’ll need to focus on the internal behaviours and observe your thoughts! But the hard work will pay off because it’s a step towards greater mental well-being. Challenge accepted? This week’s question topic: NOW When I was growing up, my dad’s desk had a paper on it that said: Do what you are doing. As a child, I never understood that quote.  I always thought, of course I’m doing what I’m doing! Now that I’m older I realize the depth of the instruction to focus your mental energy on what you’re doing.  It’s a command not to be carried away by thoughts about yourself, your goals, desired outcomes and future problems.  It’s also a command to stop remixing thoughts and judgments about the past.  Basically, make sure your mind is singularly involved in doing what you are doing now.  Now is selfless.  It is the contribution of your authentic being, a gift to the world. The …

Fasting Benefits: Weight Loss, Mental Clarity, Anxiety, and Anti-aging

Keywords: fasting, natural remedy, health, anti-aging, mental health, anxiety, ketogenic diet, spiritual growth Yesterday I fasted and today is day two. I started on Monday night at around 9 pm and have only had tea and sparkling water. I was feeling a bit dizzy this morning so I had some salt and nutritional yeast. I broke my fast this evening with vegetable fish-broth soup and beef brisket (with no ill effects!) at Deer Garden Signatures in Vancouver on Fraser Street. Yum! Why fast? The idea of going without food for at least 24 hours, and still not yet knowing when I’ll eat again, might seem crazy to some people. Most of the times I’ve told people that I am fasting, I hear a version of one of the following: “That’s not good for you! Starving yourself is unhealthy.” “You’ll make yourself sick.” “You’ll become anorexic.” Well, now, none of those are true about fasting. First of all, consider that every major world religion and culture has some mention of fasting for health. Biblical religions prescribe …