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Week 46 Questions for Know Thyself 2019: Finding Yourself

It’s safe to say that money can’t buy happiness.  Everyone can think of someone rich & miserable.  Fame, too, doesn’t guarantee a high quality life – just consider the list of famous people who committed suicide or became addicts.  Feeling lost and disconnected with your life & experiences is a terrible way to live.  

Winning the game of life means figuring out your purpose and passion.  Wouldn’t that be great? But where do you start?  If you want traction on the journey to find yourself, you’ll need to start on solid ground. Only then can you pull yourself forwards.  But so far, nothing has excited you.  There’s no grip and you’ve got no grit.  How can you figure out who you are when you’re clueless?   This week’s post introduces a clever method of self-discovery!

Week 43 Questions for Know Thyself 2019: Movies

Have you ever felt guilty for vegging out in front of a screen, even when you legitimately needed some time for rest and relaxation? Feeling guilty sucks the joy out of watching movies.

How can we as intellectuals and type-A’s bring the joy back into watching movies?  It’s an activity we will inevitably find ourselves doing as a part of social relationships with friends, family and coworkers.  Can we even make intellectual sense of the time we spend watching schlock, or slapstick, or even superhero movies?  Read on!

Understand Marx’s “Estranged Labor” to Create A Personal Revolution

Marx was a German philosopher of the 19th century who is most famous for his economic views.  Marx observed laborers and the economy and his observations led him to come to the conclusion that revolution was necessary and inevitable. Why would Marx write that revolution is necessary and inevitable? Many of us would look at the world, and upon viewing the many erroneous and bloody revolutions would take revolution to be abhorrent, unnecessary and to be avoided at all costs.  Marx disagreed, for he was a Hegelian in his reflections that history is a series of progressions that take the form of: Thesis – a particular state of order; a beginning proposition Out of which arises the: Antithesis – a radical move against that thesis; a contradiction arises And finally: Synthesis – a reconciliation that creates a brand new state; a progression of history For Marx, revolution was necessary and inevitable because the way that people lived under the current economic system had become a contradiction of what human beings ought to be. The Problem …

Week 16 Questions for Know Thyself 2019: Human Activity

(This post is part of a weekly series for Know Thyself 2019, a 365 day journal project. Start here!) This Week’s Journal Topic: Human Activity Human Being = Human Doing Humans are a busy species. Human life is synonymous with willful activity. Each person is always moving, chasing objects or ideas, procuring and utilizing things – whether that’s food, money, knowledge, feelings, or relationships. Even the laziest person isn’t “doing nothing”; although his activity may be categorized as “unproductive” by other people, it cannot be strictly categorized as “nothing”, for it’s always purposeful in some way or other. The desire to move and act is so strong that the thought of being paralyzed – even if one is perfectly safe and cared for, surrounded by loved ones – is alarming and abhorrent! That some people sign assisted-suicide documents in case they are paralyzed is proof that as a species we’d rather die than be incapacitated, cut off from activity.  We have a deep desire to “do”.  Human beings are humans-doing.   Frameworks for Understanding Activity …

Know Thyself in 2019: A Journal Project

The most important thing you can do is learn who you are.  There are so many motivational speakers available to us, so why are we still doing so little with our resources?  I mean, we don’t seem to be getting any happier. That is what we want, right?  Maybe it’s time to admit that motivation enough to find a happy and healthy life. Why write goals and make plans if you don’t know who you are and what you want?  Where does that desire for a six-pack or six-figure income come from? Did society program that want or is it a deep part of who you are? Unless it’s what you really want, then it can’t guarantee happiness. Motivation without self-knowledge is like trying to plan your optimal vacation without knowing where you want to go.  I used to daydream about travel by wishing for a five-star hotel, lying on an exotic beach, sight seeing, touring famous buildings, and meeting the locals.  But because I had no idea who I was, what I liked, what …

Psychology of Competition: Why you don’t Value what will make you Happy

Our Inconsistent Set of Values As a society we say that “it’s what’s inside that counts.” However, the fact of our ultra-busy, career-chasing lives, and the billion-dollar beauty and med-spa industry reveals that we actually seem to think it’s the external things that give us value. Why is there this split between what we want to value, what we say we value, and what we actually seem to value? When theory is put into practice in the values we want for ourselves, why don’t we place inner beauty and a loving heart above an LV purse and a fit figure? The inconsistency in values is sadly apparent in the gender wage gap.  Traditionally, professions staffed by sincere, caring, and dedicated women such as nursing and teaching pay less than professions that focus on production of a specific good or multiply money. Now, I am in no way anti-capitalist (I’m rather a “status egalitarian”: human rights and esteem for all.  A discussion of its economic ramifications is for another day!).  But consider those things that truly …